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IMC drives digitalization with proprietary apps

IMC drives digitalization with proprietary apps

Newly launched Pizza Hut app augmented with Artificial Intelligence offers consumers exclusive discounts and personalization


International Meal Company (IMC), operating brands such as KFC, Pizza Hut and Frango Assado in Brazil, launched another consumer-focused platform this year: the Pizza Hut Brazil app. The company, which had already launched Fran-GO!, a loyalty program for the Frango Assado brand at the beginning of the year, has the goal of tripling sales through its digital channels by 2025. Currently, online sales represent 36% of total revenue of the company.


In addition to sales via WhatsApp, call centers, and self-service in more than 130 brand stores across the country, Pizza Hut now also has an app created by IMC, in partnership with Thoughtworks, a global technology consultancy. The proprietary platform uses data science and artificial intelligence to personalize  the traditional food delivery experience for customers and make store operations more dynamic, intelligent and strategic by supporting last mile concepts (the last stage of transportation of the products) and recommendations (offering a product or service that the consumer bought or was going to buy).


“We are pleased with the new features which reflect another important step towards the digitalization of the company. After months of planning and investment, we completed another stage in our transformation agenda through a platform that brings customers not only another new channel option, but an even better consumer experience. In short, the app adds features that help us map the entire shopping journey, further enhancing it at both ends of the process. At the same time, customers have the opportunity to maintain direct contact with the brand and the retailer has centralized the entire flow of orders in the same environment”, highlights Alexandre Santoro, CEO of IMC.


The launch of IMC's proprietary platforms, which began with Frango Assado and Pizza Hut, is expected to expand to the company's other brands soon.


Digital Fluency Model

To create the platform that enables the Pizza Hut Brazil app, Thoughtworks used the Digital Fluency Model, the consultancy's own methodology, to  help businesses prioritize digital capabilities, from organizational design to the user experience all enabled by data. This allowed the team to better understand the different consumer profiles and, with this, identify the most assertive and innovative strategies, to drive  promotions and strengthen the consumer experience.


Alexandre Klaser, Head of Digital Transformation and Strategy for Thoughtworks Latin America, reinforces that the app was tailor-made for the brand based on  a product strategy strongly aligned with business value and industry leading technical expertise. “By taking an intelligence-driven decision making approach, we used IMC metrics and data as the basis for creating this platform.This provided us with the insights necessary  to help optimize internal processes, increase security, standardize and integrate information, and reduce costs for the brand”.


About International Meal Company

International Meal Company (IMC / B3: MEAL3) is one of the largest food retail companies with origins and operations in Latin America and the United States. The Company includes its own and franchised brands in its portfolio, such as Frango Assado, KFC, Pizza Hut, Viena, Batata Inglesa, Brunella, Margaritaville, among others. Currently, the group globally employs more than 12,000 employees in different operations, such as shopping malls, shopping centers, highways, hospitals, airports and catering. In 2022, IMC accumulated net revenue of R$2.3 billion.


About Thoughtworks        

Thoughtworks is a global technology consultancy that integrates strategy, design and engineering to drive digital innovation. We are more than 11,500 Thoughtworkers in 51 offices spread across 18 countries. For 30 years, we have generated an extraordinary impact with our clients, helping them solve complex business problems with technology as a differentiator.