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thoughtworks stonewall diversity

Thoughtworks proud to show its support for Stonewall Charity’s Diversity Champions programme

Thoughtworks joins forces with Stonewall charity to become part of employers’ forum to promote employee diversity and equality

Global technology consultancy Thoughtworks is pleased to announce that it has joined the Diversity Champions programme for Stonewall, the UK’s leading charity in the LGB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual) campaigning sector. With a primary focus within the UK, the charity is now beginning to work on an international level.


A member of the Equality and Diversity Forum, Stonewall promotes equality in the workplace with a specific focus on sexuality. The charity is renowned for its campaigning, particularly with its Diversity Champions programme, and continues to work towards raising public awareness of changes to employment regulations. The programme consists of Britain’s good practice employers’ forum on sexual orientation, and offers support and advice to over 600 organisations that are part of it. As well as a focus on the workplace, Stonewall also researches homophobia in schools with its Education for All campaign and most recently raised awareness of civil partnerships.


“More businesses need to recognise the difficulties that minority groups can face within the workplace. This includes discrimination due to perception of sexual orientation and gender identity,” said Suzi Edwards-Alexander, Global Head of Recruiting of Thoughtworks. “Stonewall has seen this lead to harassment and missing out on promotions, pay rises and even dismissal within some work environments. At Thoughtworks we strive for equality and are proud to stand against any form of discrimination, and that’s why we hope that gender identity also becomes part of Stonewall UK's remit.”


“We are delighted to become part of this programme with such a significant charity and campaigner for equal marriage,” continues Suzi Edwards-Alexander. “Equality and inclusivity for all are really important to Thoughtworks. Joining Stonewall's Diversity Champions programme is another step towards being a most inclusive and perse workplace for everyone.”