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AWS and Thoughtworks:

Data Mesh on AWS

Organizations are struggling to deliver trusted data and analytics at the pace required by the business. As the scale and diversity of data increases, the traditional, centralized teams and solutions are unable to keep up. Additionally, ineffective and outdated data governance efforts result in a lack of confidence in enterprise data.


Thoughtworks introduced and pioneered the concept of Data Mesh to address some of these specific challenges. We help clients adopt Data Mesh to enable independent data product teams to deliver data and analytics rapidly and responsibly. Combining our data expertise with the power of AWS data & analytics services, we help you unleash the power of data mesh and realize value from your data initiatives faster, continuously, and ultimately shift to delivering outsized value through data ecosystems.

Unsure of where to start? Our Data Mesh on AWS offers can help you get started on your data mesh journey, no matter where  you are in your data modernization journey.

The Thoughtworks difference - create business value at scale with Data Mesh


  • We are the thought leaders in the development of Data Mesh, and have led many clients on this journey.


  • We bring experience in implementing and automating the process of data governance.


  • We bring deep technical expertise in data architecture and engineering.


  • Our approach to Data Mesh and data analytics advances the state of the art while drawing on lessons learned from modern distributed architectures and platform thinking to achieve success in data services.


  • Thoughtworks has pioneered many of today’s standard industry practices - agile software development, continuous delivery and microservices. When all software is getting more and more intelligent, being at the forefront of Data & AI development is natural for us.

Our quick start offers for Data Mesh on AWS

Data Mesh clinic

Evaluate your readiness for Data Mesh and co-create a high-level path for adopting Data Mesh through a two hour workshop with our experts 

Data Mesh readiness workshop

A one day Data Mesh workshop designed to educate your data leaders and business stakeholders to create an accurate and shared understanding of Data Mesh.

Data Mesh accelerate lean workshop

A five day workshop to break down the vision for data mesh for your organization right up to a use case, using a lean value tree approach

Data Mesh discovery workshop

A 4-6 weeks discovery workshop to establish a vision for data mesh - use case elaboration, data product design, and platform strategy for data mesh implementation

Data Mesh Proof of Value

A 4-6 months program to establish and implement the vision for data mesh - the platforms, product teams, the data delivery infrastructure and implementation of initial few data mesh use cases

Connect with our experts on one of these offers

Use these exclusive Thoughtworks Data Mesh offers to kick-start your data mesh journey. Our range of Data Mesh on AWS offers are designed to be suitable to where you are on your data modernization journey - starting from a two hour workshop to a 6 month program.


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