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We’re proud to partner with AWS to bring you Break Through - a virtual series showcasing inspiring stories of innovation told by leaders and visionaries across Australia. Uncover how organizations put innovation into practice to fuel their growth engine, build greater resilience and redefine leadership.

Innovation knows no boundaries: PEXA’s mission to transform a centuries-old industry

Thursday September 23, 2021 - 1:15-1:45pm AEST

PEXA is a company with ambitious plans: to bring a centuries-old property industry into the digital age. Over a decade ago, they launched the world’s first digital property settlement platform, which handles more than 80% of property transactions in Australia today. They’re now taking their expertize to the international stage. Backed by an Australian government initiative to improve the home ownership experience, PEXA is transforming the way customers make one of the most important transactions of their lives by bringing customers into the center of their decision making. PEXA’s Chief Product Officer, Krystle Kocik, will talk about their innovation journey, the complexities of expanding abroad, and the inevitable question of how they navigated 2020, the year that changed everything.
 Krystle Kocik
Krystle Kocik (Guest Speaker)

Chief Product Officer, PEXA

Krystle Kocik is a senior product leader at PEXA, a prop-tech company that worked with the industry to revolutionize the way property is settled in Australia. She joined PEXA back in 2011, in the organization’s infancy as a start-up, and led the design of the digital settlement platform. Krystle has played a pivotal part in the evolution of the industry and has been involved in the company’s movement from waterfall to agile methods, while driving its innovative culture. Krystle has recently taken on the role of Chief Product Officer for PEXA UK, where she will impart years of knowledge from Australia’s sector reform to help deliver similar transformation within the UK property industry.

Nic Smythe
Nic Smythe (Co-host)

Director of Customer Experience, Product & Design, Thoughtworks Australia

Nic has been with Thoughtworks since 2013, specializing in product management, user experience, digital innovation, and strategy. He has over 20 years’ experience in digital and technology, including with some of Australia's biggest media organizations. Today, Nic leads the Customer Experience, Product & Design service line at Thoughtworks Australia.

Andrew Ziogas
Andrew Ziogas (Co-host)

Software & Technology Account Manager,  Amazon Web Services

Andrew has been working in information technology for more than 15 years across a variety of technical and business roles. Andrew was a early member of Amazon Web Services in Australia in 2011 and has worked with some of Australia’s most highlighted technology companies over that time. Andrew now spends his time with Australian’s flagship software companies, helping them bootstrap their AWS strategy for accelerated value realisation of cloud.  

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