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AI-Augmented R&D

Wednesday, June 8th at 10am ET / 4pm CET
In this webinar, we'll deep-dive into the very diverse topic of AI-augmented R&D where we already see a large portion of the future for product development. 

We'll present an example of an AI-powered recipe generation platform we developed for a Fortune 500 company that enables product developers to achieve faster time-to-market and create better products with reduced costs. Through the platform, all individuals working in R&D get collective knowledge of all past experiments, making every product developer as good as the best one. 


We will also discuss AI augmented R&D in general and showcase how your organization could reap the benefits of it. The approach is applicable to a large variety of businesses, such as CPGs, chemicals, cosmetics and plastics, to name just a few. There are countless opportunities for R&D departments to generate new products, recipes, and formulas using the AI-augmented approach. Register now and come and get some inspiration for your own organization!



Emma Kämäräinen
Emma Kämäräinen

Lead Data Scientist

Vlad Metodiev
Vlad Metodiev

Principal Consultant

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One-hour webinar on June 8th 2022 at 10am ET / 4pm CET

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