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TietoEVRY | Establishing agility to replace a legacy core banking solution


Establishing agility to replace a legacy core-banking solution ​

TietoEVRY is a leading digital services and software company headquartered in Finland, with offices across the globe. With a strong Nordic heritage and sustainability at the core of what they do, they are committed to building sustainable digital societies with a positive impact on the planet and future generations. They employ around 24,000 experts globally and serve customers in more than 90 countries. They are at the forefront of reshaping many sectors including deep expertise in financial services. They lead in digitizing core business processes to improve customer experience and address efficiency challenges.

Together with Thoughtworks, TietoEVRY established a delivery approach for a legacy-replacement core banking solution for 40 banks across the Nordic region, as part of the Core Renewal Programme, adopting a mix of Agile and DevOps practices. We transformed an in-flight project of over 200 people across 3 countries and 4 time zones, organising both team structures and management practices to align with agile principles. On the technical front, we also supported the re-factoring of the solution architecture, whilst implementing continuous delivery with automated testing. 

During their engagement with the Core Renewal project, Thoughtworks showed an ability to appreciate and address the complexity of larger projects, while at the same time paying attention to detail and implementing the 'big ideas'.
Dagfinn Fossum
Vice President, TietoEVRY

One important factor in the transformation was the use of four industry-defined key metrics that differentiate between low, medium and high performers: lead time, deployment frequency, mean time to restore (MTTR) and change fail percentage. These metrics helped the project identify and remain focussed on the most critical performance improvements, significantly reducing lead time by 75%, and increasing deployment frequency ten-fold.  

These changes took the project a significant way toward becoming a high-performer, as defined by the four key metrics, regularly delivering high-quality solutions for client testing and feedback, and cultivating the ability to adapt to change quickly. With these achievements, TietoEVRY is now using the project as an exemplar both for their own organisation and for their clients.

Thoughtworks brought an intimate knowledge of how a good, agile software development (Finance) project should be operated and were able to use this knowledge to guide and help transform the Core Renewal project. They did this with constant enthusiasm and energy and were a very positive force for the project.
Lars Vågsdal

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