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The Thoughtworks Community was initiated by global technical talent and innovation enthusiasts from Thoughtworks and brings together passionate software elites. We firmly believe that knowledge should be for all, not just for the few. In line with the principles of freedom, openness, sharing and interaction, community volunteers organize diversified technical activities and set up cross-project, cross-company and cross–technical field communities for technical workers to communicate. The hope is to share insights, drive the overall technical capabilities of the industry and region, and promote innovation and IT transformation. At the same time, we are actively participating in external thought-driven technology events by sharing ideas from our lecturers.

Distribution Map of China


There are about 13 large communities in China, located in all major cities. We offer a great variety of themes, covering Security, DevOps, User Experience, Product Strategy, Front-end, Big Data, Microservices, Agile, Mobile, Software Test, Project Management, TechLady, AI, and Social Welfare.

Major Activities

Tech Radar Summit

The internal technology strategy committee (including international IT experts Martin Fowler and Neal Ford) of Thoughtworks presents the latest technology trend report after rounds of formal discussions. It evaluates the maturity of the latest technologies in Radar's distinctive form and gives suggestions, providing a reference for stakeholders from programmers to CTOs.

The Tech Radar Summit and Technology Radar Theme Sharing are the offline technology interaction and sharing activities that are actively promoted by Thoughtworks Community technology enthusiasts. The aim is to help more IT practitioners take the lead in the direction of technology trends, find their positions, and gain their own first-mover advantages.


The Domain-Driven Design (DDD) community is composed of a group of architects and technical leaders who are interested in software development. The event aims to promote software design through learning and practice. The DDD summit is held every winter and invites domain-driven-design practitioners from all walks of life to share their thoughts and practice. So far, Thoughtworks Community's technology and architecture lovers have successfully hosted the summit in China for five years, attracting nearly a thousand industry leaders.


The Better Quality Conference (BQConf) was initiated in 2010 by the Thoughtworks Community’s test enthusiasts and people interested in software quality. The event focuses on software quality and aims to provide a communication platform for people who are interested in software quality in the software industry. Since 2010, it has been held three to four times a year in Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu and Wuhan, providing a communication platform for software testers and people who are concerned about software quality from different cities. For more information, visit: www.bqconf.com


Continuous Integration (CI) has become a well-known concept, and agile practices like reconstitution, TDD, daily stand-up, and user stories are being used but still fail to deliver quality software products quickly. We should finish the last mile — delivering the software to end users, which Continuous Delivery (CD) advocates. So it is time to move from CI to CD as the competition becomes fiercer and customers demand more from software products. Continuous Delivery Conference (CDConf) was initiated by Thoughtworks Community's technology and DevOps lovers and has been held for 13 sessions in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. Themed on delivery, the conference has invited Chinese experts in the field to share their experiences and lessons learned in the process of continuous delivery to help people on the road to continuous delivery.


Global Service Jam is a 48-hour collaborative innovation activity with the largest scale and the widest coverage in the world. Held every February or March, Global Service Jam is a 48-hour event where thousands of design enthusiasts from over 40 cities around the world define issues, launch prototypes, develop concepts, build feasible models and make closing briefs inspired by a shared theme. By 2019, Thoughtworks Community's user experience designers had won the right to host the event consecutively in five Chinese cities, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan and Xi'an, attracting hundreds of Jammers.

Our Communities

UX 社区
UX Community

We tried to explore the possibilities of design with interesting people. Here, we are not limited to interface design or interactive design, but rather embrace ideas from different industries and sectors. Design is not just for professionals. Anyone can be a designer. Join us to discover the infinity of design.

 QA 社区
QA Community

We are guarantors and advocates of software quality, and we want to build a home for software quality analysts. Join us for exchanges and sharing if you are interested in software quality.

BA 社区
BA Community

We are business analysts (BAs) building bridges between customers and teams and between demands and delivery. Following our community activities, you may have the opportunity to participate in the most efficient demand training camp, join the interesting DnA Open Day, run the Google-promoted Design Sprint workshop, and take part in sharing practical skills... Do not miss out on these interesting activities!

DevOps 社区
DevOps Community

We are committed to systematically enhancing our capabilities in the Cloud & DevOps field. By organizing different kinds of technical activities, we want to discuss cutting-edge technologies and best practices with front-line experts, spreading the rich experience in the field of Cloud & DevOps together.

How to Join us


1. For organizations (including but not limited to technical communities/enterprise communities/communities for the public welfare, etc.) to apply for Thoughtworks Community membership, please contact the person in charge of Thoughtworks Community at yinghe@thoughtworks.com.


2. We welcome volunteers/organizers who are willing to contribute and lecturers who can consistently deliver excellent topics to apply for our membership. Please contact yinghe@thoughtworks.com.


3. For organizations/individuals to participate in Thoughtworks Community events, please follow the "Thoughtworks Insights" subscription account to sign up for our events.


4. For more information, please feel free to contact our community assistant. WeChat: twchinashequ.