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International Womens Day
International Womens Day

Women*s Day

Inspire inclusion

In March we recognize International Women*s Day (IWD) and Women*s History Month. But all year, every year we partner with many organizations who give girls opportunities in tech, who support women and children who are victims of crimes and injustice, and who fight for human rights, workers rights; equal rights. All year, every year, we work to ensure all who identify as women are recognized for their contributions, have opportunities to advance in their careers and are rewarded fairly. It’s a journey, we aren’t there yet – we accept that in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion we will never be ‘done’ – we can always do more, do better. 


The theme for IWD in 2024 is 'Inspire Inclusion '. We’re proud to share that 42% of our workforce is made up of women and gender diverse people. We hope to inspire everyone by sharing stories of impact and partnership.  


*All who identify and/or experience oppression as a woman

Stories from Thoughtworkers

Vered Netzer

Customer Partner, Brisbane, Australia


Designing more inclusive workplaces and solutions is important as it expands the reach of our abilities and opens growth opportunities. We are more than the sum of our parts - we achieve more when we work together. Inclusion has the power to bring us closer together for a better future.

Pramida Tumma

Engineering Director, Hyderabad, India


Empathy and awareness are key to creating inclusive teams. In one of the teams I worked in, we had catchups where every member would share their story. It helped us create empathy for each other and improved our overall team dynamics.

Elizabeth Parra

Content Marketing Specialist, Ecuador


Imagine a world where everyone has a fair shot at success, where your gender, sexual identity, or any other unique characteristic doesn't hold you back from reaching your full potential. This is what equity means to me. It's about leveling the playing field and empowering those who have been marginalized and disadvantaged, by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to thrive professionally.

Alice Borner

Developer, Munich, Germany


Inclusion for me is an embracing concept that involves respect, justice, and freedom. Freedom from overthinking if you are good enough because you don’t relate to people around you. The mental load hurts, intimidates, and holds people back.

Mihai Cristian Petrescu

Mobile Developer, Bucharest, Romania


Everyone should have the right and space to express themselves freely, in an appropriate way, no matter their circumstances. Nobody should be silenced or become isolated.
In case there’s no comfortable space/settings, then the rest of us who have it, should try to create such circumstances.

Dee Wauchope

Digital Transformation Principal, London, UK


I'm so happy to work for a global company that not only seeks to hire and retain a very diverse workforce but constantly strives to make everyone feel welcome and included. This takes many forms from our internal affinity groups that help to steer discussion and visibility of various characteristics to being included in the development of various workplace policies such as in the UK recently in discussions around the often taboo subject of menopause. I'm inspired and challenged every day at Thoughtworks to be aware of my privilege and seek to be more inclusive to my colleagues, clients and everyone else.

Recommended reading list


We've compiled a list of articles, blogs, and books that lend deeper insights into gender issues and equity and, some more specifically on ways to succeed as a woman* in tech. These have been vetted by our D&I leaders across the globe and we're sure you'll find loads of helpful tips.



Author: Glennon Doyle

Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live)
Author: Eve Rodsky

Make your team successful and find mentors and sponsors: Advice for women in Tech
Author: Sofia Tania

8 Ways of Looking at Power

From the September 2009 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine

What’s Really Holding Women Back?
Author: Robin J. Ely and Irene Padavic

Invisible Women
Author: Caroline Criado

3 women share strategies for success on male-dominated teams
Author: Perla Villarreal

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