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Innovation Spark

Reignite your innovation agenda

Fusing your innovation agenda with your business strategy


Building high-value innovation strategies is difficult. Sustaining them over multiple years is even harder.


Your innovation agenda must be tightly aligned to your business strategy, customer needs and market conditions. But when strategy and market conditions shift, innovation units that were previously highly aligned and performant may slow down and struggle to sustain value creation. When that happens, your innovation agenda needs a refresh — it needs a new Innovation Spark.

What is Innovation Spark?


Innovation Spark is a proven framework to deliver refreshed and strategically relevant innovation agendas in just four to six weeks, aligning your organization around a refreshed innovation North Star. 


We work closely with your teams to:


Assess your existing innovation ecosystem and key constraints
Regenerate and validate the themes that drive your ideas pipeline
Highlight potential issues with your operating model
Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement
Create a high level roadmap to kickstart your new innovation agenda
Establish a lightweight governance model to ensure sustainable value creation

Meet the team

Ahmet Sakar
Ahmet Sakar

Technical Principal

Stuart Curran
Stuart Curran

Principal Consultant, Experience Design

Sarah Sulistio
Sarah Sulistio

Lead Product Strategist

Andy Nolan
Andy Nolan

Director of Emerging Technologies

Ready to refresh your innovation agenda?