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Published : Sep 27, 2023
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Sep 2023
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Orca is a proprietary cloud security platform that identifies, prioritizes and remediates security risks and compliance issues. It supports major cloud providers and hybrid setups. Orca has extensive security queries/rules to continuously monitor deployed workloads for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and compliance issues. It supports cloud VMs, serverless functions, containers and Kubernetes applications for the deployed workloads. These inbuilt security rules are consistently updated to keep pace with the evolving compliance standards and threat vectors. Since Orca is agentless, it offers a good developer experience and is easy to set up. Another notable feature is that it facilitates shift left security. Our teams use Orca CLI for scanning container images and IaC templates for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations as a pre-commit hook or as part of CI/CD workflows. It also continuously monitors and scans container registries (e.g., AWS ECR) for vulnerable base images or weak OS dependencies for already published images. Based on our teams’ experiences, Orca provides a unified view of the security posture across the path to production, and for that reason we place it in Trial.

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