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Last updated : Apr 03, 2024
Apr 2024
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Azure Container Apps is a managed Kubernetes application platform that streamlines the deployment of containerized workloads. In comparison to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), the operational and administrative burden of running containerized applications is reduced, but this comes at the expense of some flexibility and control, which is a trade-off teams need to consider. Another product in this area, Azure Container Instances, is usually too limited for production use. Our teams started using Azure Container Apps last year, when it was still in public preview, with good results, even when running large containers. Now that it is generally available, we’re considering it for more use cases. Both Dapr and the KEDA Autoscaler are supported.

Sep 2023
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Azure Container Apps is a managed Kubernetes namespace as a service that streamlines the deployment of containerized workloads by eliminating the need for intricate maintenance of Kubernetes clusters and underlying infrastructure components, consequently diminishing operational and administrative burdens. However, it’s essential to tread carefully while considering this option; currently in its developmental phase, it has exhibited inconsistencies in the Azure portal's representation of its capabilities and encounters integration hurdles, particularly with the standard Terraform provider for Azure lagging in mirroring the tool's actual functionalities. Given all this, we recommend assessing this tool carefully.

Published : Sep 27, 2023

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