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A blue background, a figure climbing stepping stones
A blue background, a figure climbing stepping stones

Legacy modernization -

A transformation opportunity

Make the most of the modernization opportunity


With increasing competition, customer expectations and technology change, businesses can’t afford to be held back by legacy tech. To move forward confidently, they need to modernize — but that path carries its own risks.


If a modernization program goes wrong or fails to deliver value, businesses can find themselves in an even worse position than they started in. But with the right strategy and implementation plan, it can be one of the most valuable and transformational changes a business can make today.


To help make sure your initiatives have the right impact on your business, we’ve brought together everything you need to know to plan and deliver high-value modernization programs in a new eBook. Inside you’ll discover common pitfalls and how to avoid them, strategies for accelerating and maximizing ROI, and best practices honed over hundreds of successful enterprise modernization projects.

Top insights at a glance

Modernization requires more than just technology change


If you modernize your capabilities like-for-like by moving them to a new platform, all of the existing complexity, issues and limitations will move to the new platform with them. Instead, teams must reimagine their capabilities and build what they really need today.

Programs should be tightly aligned to business goals


All too often, modernization programs aren’t tied to the right goals, or given the right measures of success. To deliver the right value, programs need to be built around desired outcomes that really matter to the organization, its people and its customers.

Think in terms of capabilities, not applications


Thinking in terms of apps leads to like-for-like modernization, which provides limited value. Instead, teams should think about the capabilities they need. That enables them to cut unnecessary apps, rebuild relevant ones and use off-the-shelf tech where appropriate to reduce time to market.

Legacy modernization - A transformation opportunity

About the authors

Headshot of Omar Bashir
Omar Bashir

Principal Consultant, UK

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Shodhan Sheth

Head of Enterprise Modernization, Platforms and Cloud, UK

Headshot of Luke Vinogradov
Luke Vinogradov

Head of Digital Transformation, UK

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