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Halftone illustration of closeup eye
Halftone illustration of closeup eye

Drive impact, not hype: What business leaders need to know to get it right

Generative AI has immense potential. How will your business succeed with it?


GenAI represents huge opportunities for business leaders and technologists, but requires strategic navigation to ensure it’s used safely and effectively. 

In this briefing, Amit Katwala, WIRED's Senior Editor, joins Thoughtworks Generative AI experts to uncover how GenAI can drive success at your organization.


In 25 minutes you'll learn:


  • What GenAI is and how it is different from what we’ve seen in the past
  • How to navigate the GenAI landscape to strategically align business and tech for effective decision making
  • Real-world opportunities (not hype) to create significant enterprise value from GenAI
  • What today’s CXO really needs to know about responsible and impactful GenAI adoption

“The difference between Generative AI and what came before is that previously, you had to learn these really arcane and very specialized languages to control the computer. Now you can just tell it what to do."


Barton Friedland
Principal Advisory Consultant, Thoughtworks Germany

“I think today's CXO needs to know that Generative AI needs to move beyond the sandbox and beyond the safe sort of experimentation framework that we're looking at. We need to move things into a value-generating, productive state, and we need to be able to do that safely and confidently."


Emily Gorcenski
Principal Data Scientist and Head of Data & AI, Thoughtworks Germany

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