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KTAXA Sales Platform

A fully integrated and secure insurance sales platform for KTAXA agents

Krungthai-AXA is the 3rd largest insurance provider in Thailand, with over 15,000 agents and multiple distribution channels.

Thoughtworks and KTAXA partnered to build an insurance policy sales platform that would give their diverse group of agents the ability to provide a highly professional customer experience. The goal was to give agents the ability to provide customers with the right advice and guidance, with seamless straight-through processing of policy applications. Working alongside agents to understand their needs, Thoughtworks designed an integrated sales platform that would meet both business needs and expectations of agents. 

The challenge lay in providing a robust tool that could integrate new government regulations and security measures rapidly while providing a platform that agents would want to use, be able to function in areas with low connectivity and ease the application process through to completion. AdvisorZone gives agents the ability to provide real-time quotes, benefits analysis through to approvals and payments for their customers.

Through the development process, a key goal was to enable the KTAXA team in agile development and delivery practices. Upon launch of the application, KTAXA saw adoption grow from less than 5% to 25% within 8 months.

Today we are in a far superior position from a professionalism perspective, usability perspective, and robustness perspective as well. 
Simon Smallcombe
Chief Distribution Officer, KTAXA

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