AI-Guided Digital Business

On 29 November 2018, over 100 guests convened at JW Marriott Hotel in Bengaluru to discuss everything a courageous executive could do, to stay ahead of the AI-guided digital revolution.

As the digital world continues to envelope the physical world, there is a data explosion underway. Business leaders, today, want to know, “How do I make sense of it all?” “How do I build intelligent systems to not only intuitively interact with customers, but also effectively guide me to better decisions?”

AI, cognitive services and Robotics are amongst the most disruptive forces across business sectors today. In fact, some of the advances in the AI space, like image-recognition, automation and natural language processing are game-changers, shifting business strategy to become experience-centric.

India’s role in this evolution is evident from a report that the government's policy think tank, Niti Aayog released this June. The paper titled "A National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence" pitches India as the ‘AI garage for emerging economies’ and identifies key sectors that AI could positively impact - healthcare, education, agriculture, physical infrastructure and transportation.

India already houses some of the world’s most progressive data startups’ and innovation centers for leading data giants. Interestingly, a recent study by IDC and Microsoft states that by 2021, 60% of India’s GDP will be derived from digital products and services. Add to this, the fact that 62% of prominent research publications on future technologies is being authored out of the subcontinent. In spite of the rich environment in India, enterprises here are struggling to capitalize on data, a virtually inexhaustible asset.

The ask, today, is for business leaders to realign organization structures, establish new metrics and re-architect technology platforms. This incorporation of digitization and nurturing of an information ecosystem will ensure that businesses stay competitive.

Event Highlights



Chief Data Scientist, Reliance Jio


Senior VP - Business Intelligence, Go-Jek


Former Indian cricketer, ICC match referee


Independent Consultant and Senior Digital Advisor to ThoughtWorks, Mahindra Group, IDC, IAMAI


Managing Director, ThoughtWorks India


Head of Marketing, ThoughtWorks India


Market Partner, ThoughtWorks India


Global Operations Lead, ThoughtWorks


Chief Digital Officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank

Talks from the Conference

Welcome Address: AI-guided Digital Business

Sudhir Tiwari, Managing Director, ThoughtWorks India

Electricity was possibly humanity’s greatest invention to date and changed life as we knew it. Fast forward to 125 years in the present and we find ourselves at the cusp of another similar technological singularity, courtesy of Artificial Intelligence (AI). While the concept of AI has been around at least since the 1950s, there are a number of reasons to believe that AI’s time to shine is now. Technological advancements and the evolution of technology’s entire ecosystem have led to the rise of key trends that form the foundation on which AI can thrive.

Building a Data-First Culture for High-Performing Enterprises

Crystal Widjaja, Senior VP - Business Intelligence, Go-Jek

Evolution of AI: Thinking for Building Products of the Next Decade

Dr. Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist, Reliance Jio

Dealing with India's Scale and Digital Diversity

Deepak Sharma, Chief Digital Officer, Kotak Mahindra Bank

Digital Transformation in Large Enterprises

Jaspreet Bindra, Independent Consultant and Senior Digital Advisor to ThoughtWorks, Mahindra Group, IDC, IAMAI

In Conversation: Game for more

Javagal Srinath ~ Former Indian cricketer, ICC match referee and Smitha Hemmigae ~ Head of Marketing, ThoughtWorks India

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ThoughtWorks is rightly positioned to help businesses not just predict but create the future. A future that makes sense of the disruptive forces of change, a future that straddles legacy and cutting-edge, a future that is here, there and everywhere around us. We present our perspectives on how enterprises could stay in sync with the new world order, powered by emerging technologies such as A.I. and machine learning.


Mr. Deepak M Sharma


Mr. Deepak explains the fundamentals of Digitization and how large Enterprises are adopting AI in an Indian context.

Mr. Bharat Krishnamurthy


Mr. Bharat talks about the challenges large Organizations generally face while adopting AI.

Mr. Jaspreet Bindra

Advisor, Consultant. Ex-TAS,Microsoft,Microsoft,Mahindra

Mr. Jaspreet gives a holistic view of how Digital Transformation is taking shape in today's Indian Enterprises.