Platforms are playing a central role in reshaping industries, and redefining how consumers interact with businesses and vice versa. Platform thinking is prompting organizations to move beyond price and product differentiation, towards a value creation model. Platform businesses have an average revenue multiples of 8.9 times

However, building successful platforms that meet the commercial and customer experience objectives is not easy. It requires a symbiotic convergence of technology, strategy and engineering culture. 

In this the fireside chat with Ali Elgamal, Head of Technology at Gojek and Mangalam Nandakumar, Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks discuss the nuances of building platforms and nurturing high performance engineering teams. 

You’ll hear them talk about:

  • How digital platforms enable businesses to build larger ecosystems and devise targeted growth strategies
  • How platform-centric business models enable business agility, and the role of engineering practices and tech frameworks
  • How an organization ambitious about scaling growth through platforms can approach engineering culture, mindset and capabilities
  • Evaluating the ROI from investing in a platform (when businesses should invest in platforms, and the considerations to be made when arriving at the decision)


Ali Elgamal
Head of Technology

Ali Elgamal is Head of Technology at Gojek, where he leads several platform groups to solve current and future classes of problems at scale. In 2013, Ali co-founded Healint, a healthcare platform for chronic health conditions serving millions of patients to date. Ali has 15 years of experience in solving problems across banking, government, healthcare, travel, eCommerce, and sharing economy domains around the globe.

Mangalam Nandakumar
Principal Consultant

Mangalam Nandakumar is a Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks. She has 18 years of experience in product management and software delivery. Mangalam has extensive experience in delivering value in cross-functional, multiple stakeholder, distributed environments.

The Rise of the Platform Economy