Technology Radar Vol. 21Technology Radar Vol. 21

Adopt, trial, assess or hold?

Join us for our Radar briefing event on Monday, 9th December 6pm, , Federation House, 2 Federation Street, Manchester, M4 4BF

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Get ahead of the latest technology trends.

The Technology Radar, which is based on our observations, conversations and experiences with our clients, covers both existing and emerging technologies.

The report divides the trends into four groups: Techniques, platforms, tools, programming languages and frameworks. Within these groups, each trend has different recommendations: "Hold" for technologies that are not recommended for use for the time being; "Assess" for technologies that require further evaluation; "Trial" for technologies that are ready for use; and "Adopt" for mature technologies.

We are looking forward to presenting our newest Technology Radar Vol. 21 in Manchester.