Hacking your test with mitmproxy

Webinar | 2nd December

Join Quality Analysts Jerry and Careem as they talk about mitmproxy - why you should use it, how it helps solve problems, and what else it can do to help testing.

One of the biggest challenges we face during testing is to not be able to have visiblility into the http/https calls that your code is making, while troubleshooting the issue from your code.

There are various powerful tools for understanding backend calls made by your code. This talk will show you one of these tools called mitmproxy. It will cover why you should use mitmproxy, how you can use it to magically solve the problems we have, and what else it can do to help our testing.

The session will also cover some use cases, demonstrating some useful and practical capabilities, such as modifying request/response and intercepting and scripting use cases on the fly.

This session is open for all roles, but is technical in nature. Quality Analysts and Developers will benefit most from this session.

See you at the talk!

2nd December 2020

Time zones | 8pm Singapore | 8pm Beijing
7pm Bangkok | 5.30pm Bangalore

- Why use mitmproxy? What can it do?
- How can you get started using mitmproxy?
- How does mitmproxy work? How does it trick the CA system to perform the role of man-in-the-middle?


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