ParadigmShift 2019 Schedule

Sunday, Oct. 13

Welcome Reception at 6pm on the rooftop. Enjoy creative cuisine and craft cocktails while getting to know your fellow guests, followed by a special Welcome to New Orleans surprise.

Monday, Oct. 14

Begin the day with breakfast and a full day of thought-provoking content from industry leaders. Monday evening’s not-to-be-missed Signature Event will be sure to lift your spirits and leave you feeling that New Orleans vibe.

Tuesday, Oct. 15

After a morning packed with ideas and practical advice to take back to your own organization, ParadigmShift concludes at midday, with a sneak preview of where we are headed in 2020.

Monday, October 14th

7:30am - Breakfast at the Guest Courtyard, 2nd Floor across from the Gym


Why Your Digital Transformation is Destined to Fail

Dr. Anita Sands

Global Technology and Business Leader, Public Speaker and Advocate for the Advancement of Women

Shifting industry boundaries, disruptive new business models, and digital upstarts that can respond in the blink of an eye. These are just a few of the challenges faced by traditional enterprises as they look to evolve their businesses into the future. So what can organizations do in response? Dr. Anita Sands, Board Member of ServiceNow, Symantec, Pure Storage and ThoughtWorks will provide insight into the one thing all enterprises must get right in order to overcome their incumbent’s dilemma and successfully drive the collaboration and innovation required to succeed as a modern digital business.

Digital Fluency: Connecting the Dots of Digital Transformation

Gary O’Brien

Global Advisory Lead, ThoughtWorks

‘Digital Transformation’ has become a loaded and overused phrase, meaning many different things to different people. Yet, the pressure to become digital, and do it fast, remains a very real priority for organizations who want to connect with customers and deliver value. So, how do you prioritize everything that needs to be done to be digital? How do you see the digital forest through the digital trees? ThoughtWorks’ Gary O’Brien will introduce the concept of digital fluency, a framework that guides organizations in understanding where their current digital capabilities stand and what investments are required to reach their digital potential.

Breaking from Bad: The Evolution of the Splinter Cell

Zack Storer

Founder, Angel Equity

Tania Salarvand

Global Head of Marketing, ThoughtWorks

We’ve all witnessed envy of the freedom that idealized start-ups often seem to have, yet harnessing the scale of an established company is what so many start-ups dream about. What are some interesting blind spots that transformations experience and how can you avoid having your teams and company paralyzed? Zack Storer, founder of Angel Equity, will discuss observations in scaling outcomes across the spectrum from fast growing startups through massive enterprises.

20-Minute Break

Connecting the Rates of Change: Accelerating the Path to Customer Experience

Dimitris Bountolos

Chief Digital Officer, LATAM Airlines

Experimentation is difficult. Experimentation that requires collaboration between multiple stakeholders and executed at scale is an even more daunting challenge. Dimitris Bountolos, Chief Digital Officer of LATAM Airlines has accepted that challenge and will share what their organization has done to decrease the gap that exists between technological and organizational change and how that allows them to drive customer experience innovation in real-time.

The Collaboration Blind Spot

Dr. Lisa Kwan

Senior Researcher and Executive Leadership Coach, Harvard University

Leaders understand the central role that cross-group collaboration plays in business today. It’s how companies of all shapes and sizes—from Starbucks and SpaceX to boutique banks and breweries—plan to innovate, stay relevant, and solve problems that seem unsolvable. It’s how they meet changing customer expectations, maintain market share, and stay ahead of competitors. In short, it’s how companies succeed. But most of us agree that collaboration isn’t easy. Harvard University researcher and Harvard Business School executive coach, Dr. Lisa Kwan, breaks down why this is the case, sharing the nuts and bolts of organizational collaboration, common barriers, the big blind spots and how leaders can face and overcome them.

Noon - 90-minute lunch at Josephine Estelle


Go-Everything: Building a Platform Ecosystem to Connect a Nation

Ajey Gore

CTO, Gojek

Ange Ferguson

Managing Director, ThoughtWorks

With a super-app providing over 20 different services to customers, and fulfilling 4.5 million orders a day, Gojek understands the true value of connection. In this fireside chat, ThoughtWorks Group MD of Digital Transformation, Ange Ferguson, talks to Gojek CTO, Ajey Gore, to explore the socio-economic impact Gojek is having on its ecosystem partners, the importance of trust in the intersection between the digital and physical realm, and how to scale growth in a connected world.

Connecting for Better Outcomes: How a Leading Telecommunications Organization is Transforming Healthcare

Sanjay Cherian

VP of Products & Strategy, TELUS Health

What do a leading telecommunications company and the healthcare industry have in common? Sanjay will share the answer to that question, revealing why his organization knew this move was the right one, the lessons learned from creating their health exchange platform and what organizations, regardless of industry, can do to drive network effects across their business.

A Whole New World: Connecting to Unlock the Power of Cyber-Physical IoT Systems

Dr. Dominik Off

Technology Lead, Jungheinrich Digital Solutions

What happens when an international material handling manufacturer and intra-logistics solutions provider, decides to shed its legacy manufacturing mentality? Dr. Dominik Off, Technology Lead at Jungheinrich, will share how the organization took a no-nonsense approach to IoT, focusing on creating a system that perfectly connects technology, people and organizations, and the boundaries, hurdles and blockers they faced and removed through collaboration.

20-Minute Break

Creating an O2O Mindset

Nigel Dalton

Chief Inventor, REA

Global, online real estate company, REA Group, realized that organizations must reframe their mindsets to create a seamless customer experience across online/ offline channels. REA’s Chief Inventor, Nigel Dalton, explores how enterprises can learn from the Chinese O2O experience and how the mindset shift begins with how we approach and leverage data.

Connected Intelligence

Zhamak Dehghani

Principal Consultant, ThoughtWorks

Investment in data is at an all-time high but organizations have yet to see a significant return on those investments. So, what’s holding them back? Zhamak will propose a paradigm shift in our thinking when it comes to data platforms and strategies, sharing the root causes of failures to date and what organizations can do to begin to create a continuous and connected cycle of intelligence.

Connectional Intelligence

Erica Dhawan

Founder & CEO, Cotential

We live in a world of endless meetings and emails and constant cross-team dysfunction, duplication and delays. Our collaboration skills aren’t working to unlock better value in our business. Leading collaboration expert Erica Dhawan argues that the game changer is a modern skill called Connectional Intelligence (CxQ). In this interactive session, Erica will share the 5 key behaviors to accelerate collaboration to get big things done, as well as real-life examples of how leaders use CxQ across industries to become digital organizations, improve customer-centricity, and enable a people-first approach to innovation.

4:45pm - Wrap Day One

5:45pm - Meet back in Barnett Hall for drinks and departure to Signature Event

Tuesday, October 15

7:30am - Breakfast at Guest Courtyard, 2nd Floor across from the Gym


Small Changes, Big Effects

James Sherrett

Senior Technology Strategist, Slack

In modern work, no one operates alone. Tasks are too complex, knowledge is too specialized and fragmented. We need to work together – to collaborate – to drive the outcomes we want to achieve. The new unit of performance in every organization is team performance, but how do we drive this if most of our organizational structures and models remain oriented towards individuals? Slack’s James Sherrett explores how small tactical changes can affect the collaboration culture of teams and how that culture drives the business results of our organization.

The Talent Collaboration Connection

Lauren Woods

Managing Director, Technology, Southwest Airlines

Joanna Parke

Chief Talent Officer, ThoughtWorks

Joanna Parke sits down with Lauren Woods for a fireside chat on fostering a collaborative corporate environment. Joanna and Lauren will contribute their perspectives on how to build trust and communicate intentions with colleagues, discuss what they’ve found helpful in creating a collaboration culture, and share their experiences in leading teams through change.

Driving Collaboration Through Experience Management

Frank Møllerop

MD/CEO, Questback

It’s time to stop behaving like a company and act like an organization. What does that mean? Frank Møllerop, CEO of Questback, an online survey and feedback software company, joins us to explore the answer to that question and share his recommendations for how leaders can harness the power of feedback data through experience management to take advantage of the digital trends shaping today’s world.

Global Mobility: Enabling Collaboration

Rob Kayman

Managing Director, PwC

Chris Murphy

Managing Director, ThoughtWorks North America

With disruption happening on a global scale, effective mobility is all the more critical to ensuring that the right talent is in the right place, at the right time to meet business needs. Rob Kayman will share with ThoughtWorks’ Chris Murphy how their technology platform has enabled them to achieve their vision of ‘making mobility easy’ by connecting data, business owners and people in a successful talent ecosystem.

20-Minute Break

Collaboration for Growth & Social Change: Invisible Institute & the NOIPM

Jamie Kalven

Writer and Executive Director, Invisible Institute

Stella Cziment

Deputy Independent Police Monitor, City of New Orleans

Elise Zelechoski

Global Head, Social Impact Group, ThoughtWorks

New Orleans has always had a troubled history with its police department. After Katrina, 15 incidents of police misconduct occurred, for which the police department was never held accountable. In this panel discussion, Elise Zelechowski, Global Head of ThoughtWorks’ Social Impact Group, will speak with Jamie Kalven from the Invisible Institute and Stella Cziment from the New Orleans Office of the Independent Police Monitor (OIPM), to explore how they collaborated to build data tools that allowed them to translate the experiences of the community into the data patterns needed to bring real reform.

Team Human

Douglas Rushkoff

Technology Theorist and Best-selling Author

To Douglas Rushkoff, Team Human is a manifesto—a fiery distillation of his most urgent thoughts on civilization and human nature. In this talk, drawn from his book of the same name, Rushkoff argues that we are essentially social creatures and that we achieve our greatest aspirations when we work together—not as individuals. Yet today’s society is threatened by a vast antihuman infrastructure that undermines our ability to connect. This talk is Rushkoff’s impassioned call to arms—to recognize that being human is a team sport. Rushkoff will show that when we work together, we realize greater happiness, productivity, and peace. If we can understand this fundamental truth and reassert our humanity—together—we can make the world a better place to be human.

Noon - Wrap ParadigmShift