Unlocking value
Unlocking value

James Lewis, Technology Director for ThoughtWorks UK, spoke about the risks of organisations slowing down as they grow and mature, and how they can remove some of those blockers. Listen to highlights from his talk.

Unlocking Value from Existing Technology

James Lewis - Technology Director, ThoughtWorks UK

James is a technology leader known for bringing pioneering concepts such as microservices, evolutionary architecture and agile software development. He is an expert on lean software engineering, domain driven design, organisational design and innovation. He has led several large scale digital platform development projects for leading FTSE 50 banks, insurers, retailers, publishers and media companies. He was one of the first four AWS trainers in the world. James is a member of ThoughtWorks’ Technology Advisory Board (TAB) which convenes twice a year to track the most upcoming trends in technology and predicts strategies that are shaping the future. He is passionate about sharing best practices on delivering IT change at scale.


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