Maintaining a laser like focus on meeting customer needs helps set businesses apart from their competitors. However, understanding these needs is not easy and the impact of evolving customer preferences is happening right before our eyes.

The second event in the Thoughtworks Live Series, Differentiating Customer Experiences, explored the impact of evolving customer preferences, and the best strategies to navigate these changes and create opportunities.


The Product Mindset

Jonny Schneider, Principal Consultant, Product Strategy & Design, Thoughtworks

How do you achieve customer value in the digital age? More than just experiments and customer centricity, adaptive strategies are required, where decisions are based on learning through doing. 
For organisations that are winning at customer experience, purpose starts with customers, prioritisation is value-based and decisions are based on learning. Default thinking is no longer enough to stay ahead of the market. To truly differentiate your customer’s experience, you need to embrace uncertainty, responding to new information with emergent design, and create evolutionary architectures to support these changes.

Engaging Chinese consumers with digital platforms

Pete Mitchley-Hughes, Executive General Manager, Business Transformation, Myer

Chen Si, Head of Access China Program, Thoughtworks

Over 1.4 million Chinese tourists visited Australia last year, spending on average $8000 a visit. Myer saw this as an opportunity to engage a new market segment and earlier this year, launched a program aiming to attract this new customer group and build meaningful connections.
Thoughtworks helped Myer to uncover and validate the Chinese consumer market by researching, building and delivering a digital engagement platform. Myer is now growing the channel, on a journey to become 'the' shopping destination for Chinese consumers.

Deep customer research...the heart of innovation

Richard Young, Business Owner, Customer Transformation Program, Bankwest

Diana Adorno, Principal Consultant, Product Design & Research, Thoughtworks

Bankwest identified a need to improve their customers' home loan application experience and by listening closely to what they really wanted, were able to respond to this need quickly and with confidence that they were building the right product to delight customers.
In this talk, the presenters will share their perspectives on delivering the desired change and how good customer research can substantially benefit the entire delivery and launch process. They will explore the challenges of doing this within short timeframes and the ways in which they ensured the overall success of the new product.

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