A truly data-guided business understands the value of data, and works hard to create the necessary culture, technology ecosystem and governance to enable safe experimentation and rapid delivery of the right things.

At this fourth event in the Thoughtworks Live Series, guest speakers shared stories about how they’ve made a step change in the way they work with data, and driven data and analytics to their core of their business.


Continuous Intelligence

David Colls, Data Practice Lead, Thoughtworks

Digital transformation has reinforced the success of an iterative and distributed approach to change, yet many organisations have adopted a 'big bang' or centralised mindset for their data strategy. To navigate the Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape we should look to continuously augment human abilities at scale - in terms of speed, volume or quality - rather than simply look for the next wave of automation. We must also drive organisational learning by executing in small, predictable, iterations. In this talk, David will help you to identify and deliver with confidence on opportunities to intelligently empower your business, customers, team members and other stakeholders.

DataDevOps: Creating a Data and Analytics Culture at Scale

Dr. Sean Gustafson, Data Landscape Owner, Scout24 Group (Germany)

Dr. Arif Wider, Lead Consultant and Developer, Thoughtworks

Scout24 Group is Europe's largest online marketplace for cars and real estate. Like many organisations, Scout24 is focused on data-driven product development as a way of delivering great customer experiences and valuable outcomes for the business. However, scaling and maintaining this approach across the enterprise comes with a whole new set of challenges. To support successful production, consumption and governance of data needed to establish a data-driven product team, Scout24 and Thoughtworks created a manifesto of seven principles for DataDevOps. Sean and Arif will share their experiences and effective practices when leading this cultural and technology transformation at Scout24.

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Thoughtworks Live is a series of breakfast events that brings together experts and industry leaders to go beyond theory and explore the complexities of digital transformation at ground level. It examines how businesses are breaking down structural and technical barriers, and effectively integrating data into development and decision-making, to become future-facing enterprises defined by agility, technological excellence and a culture of continuous learning.