Upward Together

Grace Hopper 2017

We're counting down the days. Every year, we come away inspired and reinvigorated by the thousands of passionate, creative and intelligent women we meet. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

2016 Recipients of the ABI Best Company for Women in Tech Award

We are both proud and humbled to be given this distinction. We've spent the year ensuring that we never rest in our efforts to continue the fight for truly equal representation in tech.

Congratulations to these ThoughtWorkers speaking at GHC17!

Jumpstart Your Credibility from a Tenth of a Second

Emily Leones

Oct 4 / 1:30-2:30PM / Hyatt Regency Ballroom R

Within a tenth of a second after meeting you, people have already formed their first impression. In seven seconds, they’ve assessed your competency, and by 90, a lasting impression has materialized. How do you make the right impression in these initial seconds and in the interactions to follow? It’s quite simple, actually, and you’re already equipped to succeed. Let Emily show you how and why!

Breaking Stereotypes with Wearable Technology

Sreeja Gupta and Inny So

Oct 4 / 3-4pm / OCCC W230

While the gender gap in tech is still very wide, it is apparent that women play a key part in the wearables industry. This practical workshop aims to introduce the audience to the concepts of working with microcontrollers and a simple API. Participants will create an internet-of-things enabled bracelet that they can then take home with them with guided coding example and provided hardware.

35% and Beyond: Increasing the Number of Women in Tech

Dr. Rebecca Parsons

Oct 5 / 3-4pm / OCCC W224H

Tech companies talk about diversity and gender equity, but anyone can issue a memo or make an inspiring speech. Best intentions don’t always lead to best practices. Learn how to make real, lasting change in your company and the tech industry. Dr. Parsons will share the challenges women still face, specific changes tech companies can make now and how diversity impacts both your business and industry for the better.

The Pursuit of Early Career Success

Perla Villareal

Oct 6 / 9-12pm / OCCC WF2

Can the pursuit of success become a stimulus for failure? As a student a likely first career goal is education, whether that may be self-learning, college, or a programming bootcamp. But what comes next? Join Perla in recovering that initial clarity and unraveling a method for tackling what comes post graduation. Consider the power of an index card, explore the value of trade-offs and say no.

Navigating Computer Science as an LGBTQ Student

Yael Kaufman

Oct 6 / 9-12pm / OCCC WF2

In this presentation and open dialogue, participants will exchange advice and insights related to being LGBTQ+ in computing. The discussion will span the job search, industry, and academia. Attendees will leave feeling validated and empowered to tackle their careers as their fully authentic selves!


Rachel Laycock

"My dad encouraged me towards engineering, which led me to Computing. When I started work, I was very shy, but I wanted to learn and experiment and ThoughtWorks seemed like a place I could do that. Seven years later, I’ve spent time as a trainer in India, been on a global leadership development programme, and led tech teams all over the world. I’m now the Head of Technology in the US."

Marcele Oliviera

“As a black woman in Brasil, I have struggled against prejudice my whole life. I believe tech can improve equality because information is so important. Since I joined ThoughtWorks, I have been able to do something about it. In Recife, I'm currently working on a project to build a lab to teach tech to people from poor backgrounds."

Zhamak Dehghani

"Born and raised in Iran, I became obsessed with the potential of computers as soon as I touched one. This led to a Masters in IT and an early engineering career in product development, distributed systems and automated hardware. As a tech lead, new mum and member of the ThoughtWorks global tech advisory board, I have to think creatively to juggle conflicting priorities and make things happen."