Technology Strategies through a Crisis
Thursday | June 4, 2020

10:00am AEST | 7:00am Bangkok | 8:00am Beijing | 8:00am Singapore

Join us for a webinar with ThoughtWorks Chief Scientist Martin Fowler, Global Head of Technology Mike Mason and Brisbane Market Technology Principal Sarah Taraporewalla to hear their timely guidance on what actions technology leaders can take to successfully reprioritize digital initiatives and deliver remotely during these challenging times. 

As we start turning our attention to a new normal, our businesses need to adapt yet again to the next phase of the crisis. We now have to face the consequences of the rapid decisions we were forced to make. For many, this crisis has accelerated our technology landscape and our acceptance of remote working patterns. With uncertainty still in our future, how can we be better placed to deal with what still lies ahead?

In this webinar, we will explore the techniques and shifts companies should employ to evolve and find opportunities in these times of uncertainty.

Meet your speakers

Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler

Chief Scientist,


Martin is a renowned author, software consultant and international speaker, with two decades of experience helping corporations to evolve and utilise technology for mission-critical information systems. He was one of the authors of the Agile Software Manifesto and has written seven award-winning books on software development. 

He is passionate about designing software systems to maximize the productivity of delivery teams, allowing them to respond to the changing needs of customers, fast. He enjoys collaborating with his fellow ThoughtWorkers, discovering the patterns of good software design, and the processes that underpin successful software engineering, then communicating these concepts more broadly to benefit the wider world.

Mike Mason

Mike Mason

Global Head of Technology, ThoughtWorks

Mike is responsible for ThoughtWorks’ strategic technology direction, building our tech capability, and ensuring the success of our client deliveries. He is a member of the Office of the CTO, advising the global leadership team and driving organization-wide technology initiatives, as well as the Office of the Chief Commercial Officer, guiding strategic change in the ThoughtWorks business portfolio and integrating technology deeply into our client demand strategy. 

Mike is passionate about applying cutting edge technology to business problems and helping our customers understand how technology can be a critical part of their business strategy. He also contributes to our Technology Radar, a twice-yearly publication that analyzes software industry tools and techniques.

Sarah Taraporewalla

Sarah Taraporewalla

Principal Technologist, ThoughtWorks

Sarah is a Principal Technologist working for ThoughtWorks, where she specialises in developing robust software for the future, delivered today. Sarah is passionate about helping CTOs and architects transform their business, strategy and product to meet the digital demands of their customers. She has deep experience in modernising legacy platforms with the help of well-factored monoliths, microservices and event driven architecture, always with the focus on continually delivering value to customers through any transformation. Although primarily focused on software design, she also has a lot to say about how software should be developed to accommodate the changing pace of business and how people should be treated within teams.

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