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Henrique Ribeiro Rezende 

Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks

Henrique joined Thoughtworks in Brasil in 2011 as a graduate developer. Since then he worked in different domains like real estate, retail, fintech, online marketplaces, government and continuous integration system, in a wide variety of technical stacks. 


Around 2017, Henrique's role evolved significantly when he relocated to Barcelona to help establish a new office for Thoughtworks. This transition marked a pivotal moment in his career, shifting his focus toward team leadership and the cultivation of high-performing teams. This shift has expanded his expertise in leadership, architecture, and development.


His responsibilities then encompassed facilitating technical and architectural decision-making, driving continuous process, product, and code improvement, and nurturing teammates through coaching. In recent years, he has embraced roles that requires the coordination and empowerment of multiple teams across different areas at the client. With that, and in tandem with his current challenges, he also became more attracted to topics like Digital Platforms, Team Topologies, Event Storming, Wardley Mapping, Data Mesh and so on.