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Dan McClure

创新设计业务团队负责人, Thoughtworks

Dan McClure是一个有着30多年实践型创新经历的创新家。他的工作履历非常丰富,从跨国制造企业到小型创业公司,从大型公共财团到国际人道组织,他均有涉足。他擅长突破现状,为企业重塑创新模式。现在他是Thoughtworks创新设计业务团队的负责人,为提升企业在日益复杂的全球市场中的竞争力而不断提出新的实践及解决方案。


I am passionate about innovation ... how it's done well ... and why we often stumble. I have spent 30 years as a hands-on practitioner of disruption, designing and applying new innovation practices in both private and public enterprises, including working with Humanitarian and public good organizations. I believe that the most impactful innovation is rooted in complex and messy change. As a a result, I draw on a multi-disciplinary perspective that includes technology, business, and strategy.


Today, as the Innovation Design Lead at Thoughtworks, I work with a global team of happy insurgents to extend the craft of innovation to bigger and ever more difficult problem spaces.