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Helping Tattle make Twitter safer

Devlopers pairing on a laptop in our Bangalore office
Thoughtworks has helped Tattle, an India-based online harm reduction organization, make Twitter a safer place for people of marginalized gender identities. 

Tattle's new project Uli, a personal content moderation utility, available currently as a browser plug-in for Chrome and Brave – named after the Tamil word for 'chisel' – leverages machine learning and advanced moderation strategies to filter abusive online language in Hindi, Tamil and English.

Tattle is a community of technologists, researchers and artists who build open source tools and data sets to better understand and respond to inaccurate and harmful online content. This includes content that promotes violence against users of marginalized gender and sexual identities. Thoughtworks collaborated with Tattle's rapidly growing development team, providing fortnightly guidance sessions. These covered engineering and product management practices, direction on building Tattle's product/organizational strategy and completing a security review. Our support for Tattle's work extends in many directions – recently our Bangalore office hosted and Thoughtworks volunteers helped Tattle organize Misinfocon.


Looking ahead, Tattle plans to expand Uli to other social media platforms, adding more languages to Uli, extending its abuse coverage to image and video-based content, improving reporting on its platforms and strengthening functionality to flag viral or coordinated content.


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