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Keeping the User at the Centre of Software Design

Custom software is a competitive advantage. At Thoughtworks, we build bespoke software solutions that bolster our clients toughest challenges - helping them get ahead of the competition, and stay there. Bespoke software solutions offer flexibility and use a variety of methodologies and approaches. Human Centered Design is one of these approaches, and arguably, one of the most important.

Key to the success of any product or service is understanding what customers want. When building an application for web or mobile it’s crucial for the development team to know how the end user will interact with the service or product being created. Without this information, there’s risk of failing to meet the needs of customers - and potentially build something that’s not relevant or useful to the target audience.

Recently, Thoughtworks Kampala hosted a Human Centered Design Workshop Series. The objective of the series was to encourage people in the community to pay attention of the needs, wants and limitations of end users at each stage of the design process. The attendees practiced ways to analyze how users are likely to engage with a product, as well as testing the validity of their assumptions about user behaviour in the real world. There were 15 people from the design and technology communities of Kampala.

Let’s see what they had to say!



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