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helga stoedter preis

Thoughtworks Germany awarded with "Helga-Stödter-Preis”

The software consultancy leads in "Mixed Leadership" in the "Small Business” category

Thoughtworks Germany was awarded the Helga-Stödter-Preis by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. This year, the Helga-Stödter-Preis was awarded for the ninth time to companies in Hamburg's business community that stand out for their special concepts in the area of "Mixed Leadership" and "make a lasting commitment to a balanced ratio of men and women in management positions”. Thoughtworks received the award in the "Small Business" category. The award was presented at a gala event on September 17, 2020.


Thoughtworks is a pioneer in persity. The leadership team in Germany consists of a total of eight people (four women and four men). Diversity is not only balanced there, but in all other areas of the company as well. The culture at Thoughtworks is strongly aligned with developing women in and for leadership roles. This goal is supported by a variety of concrete measures and initiatives, such as the WiLD (Women in Leadership Development) program, which supports women in their personal career development.


Barbara Hatzer, Head of People, who received the award together with Managing Director Peter Buhrmann: "We are very pleased to receive this award. It shows us that we can be really proud of the results we have achieved in the area of persity over the past few years with a lot of passion and conviction. We would like to thank the jury of the Helga Stödter Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce for their commitment to the topic of mixed leadership".