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A community for technologists in Singapore


Tech Talks by Thoughtworks Singapore is a community forum where we share industry thinking about emerging technical trends, and — as always — inspire debate and conversation.


You’ll find an open, comfortable environment for technologists to meet and discuss recent developments in the tech world, projects that both inspire and challenge, and how to stay on top of the ever-shifting tech landscape.


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On-demand events


In this talk, we introduce the concepts of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) which, in our experience, can be applied anywhere. Whether you work with old legacy code or functional programming language, there are valuable lessons you can take away and adapt from DDD principles.

Every six months Thoughtworks publishes Technology Radar, our guide to tried and tested technologies we have seen on our projects, which we refer to as blips. In this webinar, we share four exciting new blips that we’re looking forward to and already watching this year.

Watch three Thoughtworkers share the stage to discuss industry thinking on emerging tech trends and present their insights and experiences. The topics include debugging mobile apps, the changing face of tech in research, and API contract testing.

More than ever, the ability to get business value from data is critical to a company’s success. In this webinar, we take a closer look at what the Data Mesh paradigm is about and how its various pillars come together to enable data analytics at scale.

What are the different types of wearables? And how is wearable testing different from other testing? This talk uncovers the nuances to watch out for in mobile-wearables testing that can also be applied to all interoperability testing for wearables.

Kotlin Rational is a math library for the Rationals (fractions), modeling the JDK's BigInteger and BigDecimal libraries. This talk walks you through building a new Kotlin library from scratch - keeping you on track with style and avoiding easy bugs.

You may have heard of the 'No-Code Movement', but what is it, why are people talking about it, and is it really the future of software development? This webinar explores the implications of No-Code to software developers.

Innovation requires experimentation, learning, and fast adaptation. To help further your innovation objectives, this talk introduces two tools that can help teams rally around a guiding vision/strategy: the Lean Value Tree (LVT) and Measures of Success (MoS).

Software Architectural Approaches (Part 2) by Sergei Bukharov

Software Architectural Approaches (Part 1) by Sergei Bukharov

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