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Looking Glass report: Tech trends and advice for your enterprise


  • Today's leaders need to be closer to technology trends more than ever before. Companies are moving from verticals to becoming technology companies that happen to focus on a vertical. The business strategy can be shaped by the opportunities that changes in the technology landscape offers. 
  • Humanity, augmented. Data models can help improve the productivity of humans. If we can take the easy things out of the workload of the human, then the human can spend their time and their brainpower on those more complex cases.
  • Accelerating towards sustainability and the increasing focus and pace of change in terms of our approaches to sustainability. 
  • Morphing of the compute fabric, in an era with things like IoT, collecting data from different devices, where should computation live? Should data be processed in different places?
  • Evolving interactions and the expectation from consumers to have better, easier interactions with the systems they use.
  • Coopetition forces platforms into ecosystems, where competitors have to cooperate. When you're creating an offering or a product: what is the interface that my competitors, cooperators, or consumers can use? How can you integrate better with these ecosystems? 
  • Hostile tech considers the hackers, the malware and the people holding your systems hostage. Also, in terms of privacy and what consumers expect from privacy policies.  
  • There is an interplay between the different lenses and how much they affect each other. Where we see trends come together, we ask – what does that mean overall to businesses? The themes and advice are up for interpretation, and intended for conversation, to raise new ideas and new ways of thinking and exploring. 

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