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Data governance: The foundation of data-driven organizations

Podcast host Kimberly Boyd | Podcast guest Jason Hare, Data Governance Principal
July 28, 2021 | 35 min 37 sec

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Brief summary

With the advent of big data analytics, powered by the ease of moving data to the cloud, the pressure on companies to get data right to make million-dollar decisions in a few seconds has become paramount. How can organizations set themselves up for success when it comes to data? What are some of the foundational elements to have in place? In this episode, Jason Hare shares the principles of establishing a data governance plan for forward-thinking organizations. 

Episode highlights

  • Data governance is not data management. Data governance is about the policies and the auditability, authority, and the accountability of what data management does. Data governance is responsible for deciding who is responsible for what, who exercises the authority about how data is going to be managed.
  • Data governance is business-oriented. Data governance is really a people, process and culture function, enabled by technology. Technology is the enabler, it builds capacity and capability within data management informed by data governance, 
  • How do we monetize the ethical use of data? Spotify is an example. It doesn't track users and then reuse that data to re-target users. It creates this delightful user experience for its consumers, consumers don't have to worry about their data being sold all over creation;Spotify makes money, the artists make money.
  • Impending data legislation means forward-looking digital leaders should have in place data governance and data assurance; a defensible posture set up; a sound set of data governance policies; and a managed proactive data governance practice.
  • How does data governance adapt to concepts like data mesh? There may be a central governance policy repository, where there are ultimate standards and ultimate authority to operate, but the operating model and how the data product owners operate would be in a much more federated way.
  • The best data practitioners look at business problems holistically – they look at the cultural principles of what drives the company, value drivers, the mission, and that drives how they think about themselves. They analyze what is important to this organization business-wise? 
  • Changing the way you look at data is hard work. Find those stewards, those product managers, and those champions that will really move your business forward in the direction you want to go.
  • What's at stake with or without data governance? The consequence of getting it right is a delightful consumer experience or customer retention. What’s at stake if you get it wrong is regulatory problems, dissatisfied customers and competitors using trusted data to make decisions.

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