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Last updated : Mar 29, 2022
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Mar 2022
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We've used Pact for contract testing long enough to see some of the complexity that comes with scale. Some of our teams have successfully used Pactflow to reduce that friction. Pactflow runs both as software as a service and as an on-prem deployment with the same features as the SaaS offering, and it adds improved usability, security and auditing on top of the open-source Pact Broker offering. We've been pleased with our use so far and are happy to see continued effort to remove some of the overhead of managing contract testing at scale.

Oct 2021
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For organizations with larger and more complex API ecosystems, especially those who are already using Pact, we think it's worth assessing whether Pactflow could be useful. Pactflow manages the workflow and continuous deployment of tests written in Pact, lowering the barrier to consumer-driven contract testing. The complexity of coordination between multiple producers and various disparate consumers can become prohibitive. We've seen some teams invest significant effort in hand-crafting solutions to this problem and think it's worth assessing whether Pactflow can look after this for you.

Published : Oct 27, 2021

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