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George Earle

Global Commercial Director, OCCO, OCTO

Mr. Earle is currently a Global Commercial Director serving both the Chief Commercial Officer and the Office of the CTO to drive commercial goals that align advanced technology delivery with business agility. He has spent the last 25+ years leading technology product and consulting businesses for the benefit of Fortune 500+ customers who are transforming their energy, construction, manufacturing, defense, and aerospace markets into sustainable, lean, and digital modern businesses. This includes business modeling, value engineering, devising global markets, and designing global enterprise consulting services. As an engineering and commercial executive, he led modernizations at Northrop Grumman F35, Sikorsky helicopter, Chrysler, Caterpillar, Boeing, Saab, DOE SPR, and numerous other manufacturing processes into digital manufacturing. He has partnered with software sales teams to close $MM digital solution deals to over 250+ global industrial, aerospace, and consumer manufacturers, finance/ insurance/ banking and distribution and logistics companies; helping them increase product speed to market, revenue, market share, customer experience, and manufacturing excellence.