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Ongoing digital disruption is challenging enterprises to keep pace with the accelerating rate of technological change. We've been at the forefront of technology innovation for over 30 years and we believe in sharing our expertise. Check out our growing library of e-books.

Recent e-books

Infrastructure as product

This e-book provides insights into reviewing your cloud infrastructure, challenging traditional engineering approaches, plus ways to accelerate your internal developer teams.

Building the Modern Digital Agency

Learn the five building blocks for agencies to attain digital fluency — the ability to seamlessly leverage technology in its operations, effectively manage change, and continuously deliver value to those it serves.

Digital government playbook

This playbook presents learnings from our experiences for public organizations to adopt in their digital transformation journey. We believe collaboration among governments, public officials and technologists can fundamentally transform the quality of life for citizens. 


Data Mesh in practice

Data Mesh in practice takes a detailed walk through an ongoing Data Mesh implementation project at Roche, one of the world’s largest healthcare companies. 

Book cover of Effective Machine Learning Teams: Best Practices for ML Practitioners by David Tan and Ada Leung. The image on the cover is of three birds on a branch.

Effective Machine Learning Teams

Best practices for ML practitioners

Get a sneak peek of the first two chapters today. This e-book is part of O’Reilly’s Early Release program, which allows you to dive into new chapters as soon as they’re published. Subsequent chapters of Effective Machine Learning Teams can be accessed via the O’Reilly website.


With over 100 books in our ever-growing library, we simply cannot fit them all onto one page. Dive in to our complete collection to discover more.

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