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vodQA Pune: Faster, Smarter, Reliable

Learn to be a more effective quality analyst. Meet other quality assurance evangelists and grow your testing community. Join us for vodQA Pune: Faster | Smarter | Reliable on October 19, 2013 to discuss best practices around testing smartly instead of testing more.

In its third year, vodQA is a series of free events hosted by Thoughtworks India for testing professionals to share their ideas, experiences and innovations.

vodQA Pune’s goal is to help you answer the following questions:

1. What should I start doing to be more a effective and impactful Quality Analyst?

2. What are the processes, tools and techniques that I can use to get more faster and yet reliable results?

3. Can I use the tool I am already using in a different way, which will make my testing effort more effective, more faster, and more reliable?

4. What can I do so that software I am working on is always in production readiness state?

5. Is there any way in which I can reduce my test life cycle?

If you are as passionate about software testing as we are, don’t miss this great event. We look forward to meeting you on October 19 at Thoughtworks Pune.

Register online today for this free event.

Not yet convinced?

Read what people had to say on social media about our vodQA.

“A big thank you to all the organisers ..the speakers...really had a fun day! N the lean game was a very good learning... Thank you again ..vodQA rocks!"  "Brilliant, vodQA Roxxx !!! Really Awesome !! looking forward to the next peg of vodQA” “ All the sessions were well timed, considering the fact they had limited duration ” "vodQA Pune was awesome.. got to learn lots of new things" "Saturday well spent at #vodQA Pune"

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