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An illustration showing two distinct hands interacting with a mobile device
An illustration showing two distinct hands interacting with a mobile device

Digital government playbook

Building digital public infrastructure to empower citizens at scale 


Technology can help address many of society’s problems. Building and nurturing digital public infrastructure can create extraordinary impact on the world and amplify positive social change. A more equitable future depends on the constant and critical assessment of tech-tools at society’s disposal.


Today, the accelerated interest and investment in digital public infrastructure is driving unprecedented innovation in data, policy making, asset monetization, service delivery models, ecosystem thinking and is spawning several startups. There is a mindset-shift towards acceptance for DPGs among governments and citizens.


This playbook presents learnings from our experiences for public organizations to adopt in their digital transformation journey. We believe collaboration among governments, public officials and technologists can fundamentally transform the quality of life for citizens. 


Ten tenets for digital governments

Make every citizen matter

Serving every citizen no matter which segment of the population they belong to

Digitize for the digitally challenged

Designing solutions first for the digitally challenged eases population-size scaling challenges

Establish frameworks for data accountability

Effective utilization of data for governance is a good indicator of digital maturity

Think ecosystems

Delivering exceptional citizen services entails nurturing partnerships with like-minded organizations

Build for future generations

Leveraging open source to create digital public infrastructure ensures equity for all in the long run  

Measure for outcomes

Outcome based metrics for assessments trump protocol driven approaches

Foster a culture of digital instinct

A connected, digital world embraces those mindsets that think and act digital

Drive policy agility

Proactive policy making outpaces disruption to people’s lives caused by technology advancements

Leverage untapped assets

Innovative utilization of assets creates new business models for asset monetization

Be intentional about brand building

Optimizing for trust yields better brand dividends for organizations engaged with serving citizens

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