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Last updated : Sep 27, 2023
Sep 2023
Adopt ? We feel strongly that the industry should be adopting these items. We use them when appropriate on our projects.

Mermaid lets you generate diagrams from a Markdown-like markup language. Since we last featured it in the Radar, Mermaid has added support for many more diagrams and integrations with source code repositories, IDEs and knowledge management tools. Notably, it's supported natively in popular source code repositories such as GitHub and GitLab, enabling the embedding of and easy updates to Mermaid diagrams in the middle of Markdown documentation. Many of our teams gravitate toward Mermaid as their diagram-as-code tool due to its ease of use, multitude of integrations and wide variety of supported diagram types that keep growing.

Nov 2018
Trial ? Worth pursuing. It is important to understand how to build up this capability. Enterprises should try this technology on a project that can handle the risk.

Mermaid lets you generate diagrams from a markdown-like markup language. Born out of need to simplify documentation, Mermaid has grown into a larger ecosystem with plugins for Confluence, Visual Studio Code and Jekyll to name a few. To see how it works, you can use the Live Editor on GitHub. Mermaid also has a convenient command line interface that lets you generate SVG, PNG and PDF files as output from definition files. We've been using Mermaid in many projects and we like the simplicity of describing graphs and flowcharts with markdown and checking in the definition files with the code repository.

Published : Nov 14, 2018

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