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Jaydeep Chakrabarty

Head of Communities for India & Principal Consultant

With over 18 years of experience, I have played various roles including Fullstack Developer, Infrastructure Dev, XD and VD, PM, QA and security specialist. I am passionate about contributing to the open source community and have worked on several projects such as Talisman, OpenStack projects, Report-mine, Taiko and EEG studies. I am also a speaker and author for magazines like EFY and Opensource4You. Additionally, I write for India's largest National Daily, The Hindu's tech column "Text and Context - ToolBox." 


I am a Generative AI enthusiast and run a community called GPT wizards. This group is an initiative to gather like-minded individuals who are dedicated to researching and developing new possibilities using GPT and other generative AI models. The group aims to develop innovative applications and possibilities using Prompt Engineering that can assist in various fields and industries. When not working, I spend time playing and studying chess.