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The journey to enterprise modernization starts with value

Podcast host Tania Salarvand | Podcast guest Sarah Taraporewalla
March 17, 2021 | 30 min 3 sec

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Brief summary

With attention turning to our systems and technology for remote working, funding for modernization projects has surged. Beyond costs, there are important considerations for enterprise modernization for the journey to success. In this podcast episode, Sarah Taraporewalla, Director of Enterprise Modernisation, Platforms and Cloud, Australia discusses what executives should have top of mind as they tackle enterprise modernization projects and how technology leaders can enable these efforts by first and foremost focusing on and communicating value to the organization.

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  • Modernization projects were previously on companies' radars, but business buy-in was difficult because systems were adequate. Now, the floodgates have opened and so are the wallets. Companies spent $15 billion extra per week during the pandemic to support remote working. 
  • The expectations from customers, businesses and employees will no longer be the same as it was prior to the pandemic. Businesses are at a competitive disadvantage if they are not using this time to work out new directions for the business to be more resilient and become a modern digital business. 
  • Modernization projects can range from: 1) A system needs a bit of a step change. 2) A big bang approach that replicates the full system in new technologies. 3) A gradual replacement of subsystems. The happy middle ground is complicated to achieve; you end up with an old-new hybrid of a system, but it's the shortest path to value. 
  • To request support or funding for these types of engagements, technology leaders must consider the easiest way to get value to the customer, value back into the business, the costs to develop the projects and the effort to consolidate all assets. 
  • Enterprise modernization projects impact the internal organization workforce. Teams are shifting to be more cross-functional and formed around products and business problems to be more effective. 
  • The modernization journey can cause fatigue. Leaders should continually evolve technical strategy, constantly revisiting the business strategy and constantly looking to see if the landscape that started the journey is still the same. A typical organization will find most valuable a successful enterprise project that is baked in resilience and continuous improvement.

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