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Disability inclusion with deep roots
Photograph of Thoughtworkers in Brazil in a training workshop
Thoughtworks Brazil’s Inclua Program is designed to support the hiring and inclusion of people with disabilities in the technology job market. It aims to foster an inclusive culture through technical training and boost candidate’s competitiveness. Inclua has reshaped the Thoughtworks’ onboarding experience and raised awareness across the company of how to support new hires with disabilities.

The Inclua Program initiative was kickstarted in 2021 in response to the increasing need and demand for greater inclusion in technology. As part of the preparations, a resource booklet comprising accessible and inclusive best practices was compiled, alongside conducting specialized soft skills workshops tailored for leaders, recruiters, and teams. Over several months, systems, documents, processes and environments were carefully restructured to be more accessible.


The Inclua selection process was designed to rigorously upskill and evaluate candidates – who weren’t required to have prior professional developer experience – beginning with a Backend Java online scholarship. Meetings exploring our culture, alongside business and technology lectures, helped to familiarize the students with the experience of working in a tech company. Following the training and selection process, ten successful recruits – a cohort of five men and five women with disabilities – began the Inclua onboarding experience to become full-time Thoughtworkers. “I'm excited to get started, finally learn and practice with real projects," shared one member of the group, all of whom are enthusiastic about making a meaningful impact.


The Inclua team is only just getting started. It recognizes that there’s more work to ensure every Thoughtworker is aware of, and able to talk about ableism, and that Thoughtworks is an inclusive and accessible workplace for everyone. Beyond the learning program, it also includes initiatives aimed at improving the accessibility of our systems and creating specific policies and benefits for people with disabilities. Inclua is a learning journey to reduce ableism and make Thoughtworks a more inclusive and accessible company for people with disabilities.

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