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online retailer hepsiburada contributes to turkey s ecommerce growth

Online retailer Hepsiburada contributes to Turkey’s eCommerce growth

Partnership with Thoughtworks underpins online transformation

Hepsiburada.com is taking on the big global online retail brands and putting Turkey on the eCommerce map, thanks to global software development and consultancy company Thoughtworks. Turkey’s largest online retailer, which has seven million regular members and 19 million visitors a month, is building a new market place with an engaging store-front yet to be offered by any competitors in the region. With a long history of innovation, Hepsiburada turned to Thoughtworks to develop an engaging market place, giving online customers instant access to more than 600,000 products ranging from computer and sports accessories to the latest books and cosmetics. Based on user feedback, the Hepsiburada market place will deliver real value to customers by offering higher selection and availability of stock across the company’s extensive portfolio of products. “Turkey has undergone unprecedented times, but our economy is finally showing signs of recovery – largely due to our thriving retail industry and high levels of disposable income ,” says Emre Ekmekçi, President of Business Development at Hepsiburada. “Thanks to Thoughtworks we will soon have a market place that our consumers will want, and more importantly, will return to on a regular basis. No doubt this can only further contribute to our thriving retail economy and our nation’s overall success over the coming years.” Thoughtworks is also working on a truly multi-channel experience for Hepsiburada’s customers, with a mobile market place in development to accompany the online brand. “We are delighted to be working with the team at Hepsiburada; they are innovators in the true sense of the word,” says David Tuck, Head of Sales at Thoughtworks. “With a small team they run one of Europe’s fastest growing eCommerce sites, contributing enormously to the nation’s wealth and retail success. The future looks positive for the region with companies like Hepsiburada making a real difference to consumers’ lives and the economy as a whole.” By embracing Thoughtworks’ approach to agile software development, Hepsiburada has been able to keep company resources to a minimum. Instead, Hepsiburada is able to focus resources of securing partnerships with leading brands, suppliers and manufacturers to further enhance the online experience and the number of products available to customers.