Network Of Women in IT

N.O.W. (Network of Women) is originally an initiative developed by ThoughtWorks India, with the purpose of connecting and growing communities. 


The idea behind this event is to create a forum for curious women in tech, looking to be part of an open and inclusive network, to come together, learn from each other and be inspired.


A primary goal of ThoughtWorks events is to be inclusive to a diverse group of people. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, appearance, disability, marital status, socioeconomic status (or any other protected status), and religion (or lack thereof). Read more in our Code of Conduct.

For us it was super exciting to host the 2nd German N.O.W. IT event for women in IT on the 19th of October 2019 in Munich! We had a positive and motivating environment providing fresh content, wonderful speakers and trainers, and innovative formats.

For more information about the event, check out our agenda below!


Also we offered a kids space at the event which is meant to provide a space for kids and parents with their needs.

You’d like to learn more about inclusivity?

Inclusion is Everyone’s Business: Q&A for Individuals


Saturday, 19th October 2019

10:45amTalk "The hidden tools of automatic speech recognition"Kelsey Mok
11:15amTalk "One advice for a newbie tech lead"Christin Westermann
11:45amCoffee Break
12:00pmTalk "How to build diverse teams"Katiane di Schiavi
2:00pmPanel Discussion


Kelsey Mok

Kelsey Mok

Kelsey is a developer and Tech Lead at Thoughtworks. Talk to her about infrastructure or Kombucha :)

Christin Westermann

Christin Westermann

Christin is a senior technologist with ThoughtWorks. She is a visual thinker. Talk to her about software architecture, sketch noting or hair colours.

Katiane di Schiavi

Katiane di Schiavi

Katiane builds and manages teams in digital companies. She currently leads the Client Success team at TrustYou. She is driven by customer obsession and strives for a world with more empathy. She is a Thoughtworks Alumnus and a writer at heart.

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