Infrastructure WebConf Europe Vol.4

Online event

Our Infrastructure WebConf allows technologists interested in DevOps to listen and to ask questions to our speakers and Infrastructure specialists at Thoughtworks. With this event series, we aim to create an open conversation on the state of Infrastructure.

After three successful online events, we were looking forward to our fourth edition of Infrastructure WebConf Europe.

This time, Thoughtworks’ subject matter experts explore best practices and thought-provoking learnings on application-driven infrastructure engineering, corporate security and platform building. 


Application-driven infrastructure engineering

by Kief Morris

Agile development meets corporate security

by Katharina Dankert

You must be this tall to build platforms

by Cristóbal García García & Chris Ford

Meet the speakers

Kief Morris

Kief Morris

Global Director of Cloud Engineering, Thoughtworks UK

Kief enjoys helping organisations adopt cloud age technologies and practices. This usually involves buzzwords like cloud, digital platforms, infrastructure automation, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery. Originally from Tennessee, Kief has been building teams to deliver software as a service in London since the dotcom days. He is the author of Infrastructure as Code, published by O'Reilly.

Katharina Dankert

Katharina Dankert

Senior Infrastructure Developer, Thoughtworks Germany

Katharina has been with Thoughtworks for almost two years now. Her background is quite colorful, but for the scope of this topic she has a systems engineering background. She enjoys thinking about complex infrastructure systems and how to secure them. Her passion is learning from broken things.

Cristóbal García García

Cristóbal García García

Lead Developer, Thoughtworks Spain

Cristóbal joined Thoughtworks two years ago and, since then, he has been working in product and infrastructure teams. Before that, most of his career has been centered on leading engineering teams in the IT Service Provider industry. He is passionate about almost everything where computers are involved. His latest focus areas gravitate around distributed systems, engineering practices and software development processes but, from time to time, tries to learn about data science and programming languages.

Chris Ford

Chris Ford

Head of Technology, Thoughtworks Spain

Chris has worked as a consultant for Thoughtworks for almost ten years. His professional expertise includes continuous delivery, domain-driven design, architecture and scaling engineering organisations. He has a personal interest in functional programming and operationalising music theory with code. Over the past few years, Chris has presented music theory to programming audiences, covering topics including European classical music, complexity theory, jazz, central African polyrhythms and tuning systems.

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