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At Thoughtworks Spain we promote continuous learning and gender diversity in tech. That's why we created free technical workshops to enable women to sharpen their programming, testing, pairing and consulting skills. These will be hands-on sessions combined with meaningful conversations with the instructors. 


Agile best practices, software development methodologies and mentoring are part of our daily work, so that's why we want to share this knowledge through workshops that can help in your professional growth.


Due to COVID-19 and in accordance with health and safety guidelines, all the workshops will be virtual. Feel free to join the ones that best suit your interests.

women in tech
women in tech

Eligibility criteria

Women technologists with 4 or more years of experience. Knowledge and experience of Java or any other Object Oriented Programming language is preferred.


You can register for all of them or only the ones that interest you. There will be 20 places available per workshop.

Pairing  & Consulting Skills

Date: Saturday November 6th

Duration: 2h30min

Hour: 10:00am to 12:30pm

Topics:  What is pairing? | Benefits of working doing pairing | Pairing models | Remote pairing | Role swap | Pair switching | More pairing models | Challenges | Hands on | Selling your ideas | Bringing up and resolving problems | Maintaining client relationships

OOP & Solid Principles

Date: Saturday November 13th

Duration: 4 hours

Hour: 9:00am to 13:00pm

Topics: OOP basics | Designs patterns | Factory pattern | Strategy pattern | Observer pattern | Composite pattern | Visitor pattern | SOLID principles

Testing & TDD

Date: Saturday November 20th

Duration: 4 hours

Hour: 9:00 to 13:00

Topics: What is TDD | The TDD cycle | Tests structure | Test libraries | TDD with ping pong | TDD example | Discuss why TDD and benefits | Integration test | E2e test | Exploratory testing | Other testing techniques


Date: Saturday November 27th

Duration: 2h30min

Hour: 10:00am to 12:30pm

Topics: What & Why CI | How to implement CI in our projects | What & Why CD | What is Trunk Based Development

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