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Digital Energy
Fresh Energy

Energy provision from a new perspective using digital services

Fresh Energy is Germany’s first digital electricity supplier. With a solution consisting of green electricity, a free-of-charge, intelligent electricity meter (smart meter) and the Fresh Energy app, customers have complete control over and transparency regarding their electricity consumption.


Based on the electricity consumption data recorded by the smart meter, Fresh Energy can use algorithms, machine learning, and pattern recognition to not only visualize the overall consumption of a household but also identify how much power individual household devices consume. Many possibilities can be derived from this.

The Challenge

The entire energy-supply market is undergoing a radical transformation, triggered by both the political and industrial energy revolution and the changed expectations of consumers.

Today’s customers expect more than just electricity. They desire greater transparency, individuality, sustainability and digital services.

For this reason, Fresh Energy develops an intelligent and scalable ecosystem for customers and benefits from Thoughtworks’ experience and expertise in platform development.

Technical solution

Fresh Energy combines various individual components and services (electricity, hardware, analysis algorithms, mobile apps, customer service, and much more) to form a smart ecosystem.

Integration is performed using the self-developed Fresh Energy digital platform.

Thoughtworks supports Fresh Energy in developing fast and scalable web applications and corresponding mobile apps with modern Java and JavaScript frameworks (React, Redux, D3, Spring, etc.).

The infrastructure is run on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Results

The platform can quickly accommodate thousands of new customers and be adapted to new processes and innovations. Furthermore, various business partners can be integrated.

Without Thoughtworks and their persuasive, flexible way of working we would not have been able to achieve our goals as quickly and in such high quality.
Daniel von Gärtner
Managing Director of Fresh Energy GmbH

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