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SLIs and SLOs as code

Published : Oct 26, 2022
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Oct 2022
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Since Google first popularized service-level indicators (SLIs) and service-level objectives (SLOs) as part of their site reliability engineering (SRE) practice, observability tools like Datadog, Honeycomb and Dynatrace started incorporating SLO monitoring into their toolchains. OpenSLO is an emerging standard that allows defining SLIs and SLOs as code, using a declarative, vendor-neutral specification language based on the YAML format used by Kubernetes. While the standard is still quite new, we're seeing some encouraging momentum, as with Sumo Logic's contribution of the slogen tool to generate monitoring and dashboards. We're excited by the promise of versioning SLI and SLO definitions in code and updating observability tooling as part of the CI/CD pipeline of the service being deployed.

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