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Bring new value to customers by mobilizing tech at the core, powered by a culture of rapid responsiveness.

Digital Transformation Game Plan was written by business leaders for business leaders who believe in transforming enterprises through technology. The authors present precisely what challenges leaders will face during a digital transformation and actions to get started right away for each challenge within three critical areas: realigning business and operating architecture to focus on customer value; creating an agile, responsive organization; and mobilizing tech to be a core competency and differentiator. All while becoming a new kind of leader who embraces uncertainty and has the courage to acknowledge and act on what the data says.

Digital Transformation Game Plan

An authentic perspective for leaders wanting to create sustainable change

(1m50) There's been a rush for organizations to change which invariably leads to failed business transformations. But it needn't be that way. In this video, co-author Gary O'Brien explains how the book provides an authentic look at the difficult things companies need to face in order for leaders to move their companies successfully along the path towards digital transformation.

We are living in an inflection point in economic history, from the pre-digital to the digital age. How will you respond—with bandages here and there or with a sustained revamping of your organization’s measures of success, organizational structure, and approach to technology? If you need a good roadmap to the future, look to The Digital Transformation Game Plan as a great place to start your journey.
Jim Highsmith, author of Adaptive Leadership and co-author of the Agile Manifesto

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About the Authors

Gary OBrien
Gary O'Brien

Gary is a Principal Consultant with Thoughtworks, joining in 2010 in Australia. A Business Technology Leader with over 25 years’ experience, Gary partners with clients as a trusted advisor to help bridge the connection between technology led business transformation and customer value delivery.

In his 9 years at Thoughtworks he has worked within both business leadership teams and IT leadership teams, building up a unique perspective on what may block sustainable change and how to clear the path.

Guo Xiao
Guo Xiao

Guo Xiao is the Chief Executive Officer of Thoughtworks Inc., a global technology consultancy and a community of passionate, purpose-led individuals. Guo Xiao joined Thoughtworks in 1999 as a software developer and has been providing advisory and delivery services to organizations to leverage digital technology as key competitive advantage and the driver for business transformation.

Since 2013, Guo Xiao has been the President and Chief Executive Officer, based in Chicago.

Mike Mason
Mike Mason

Mike Mason is the global head of technology at Thoughtworks and is passionate about bridging the tech-business divide and helping others understand what applied technology can do for their business. He focuses on technology strategy, leadership, and execution for both Thoughtworks and its clients, bringing industry and technology trends to life in the context of real business.

Mike contributes to the Thoughtworks Technology Radar, regularly publishes articles, and is the author of three previous technology books.

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