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Future of software development:
Will AI kill the app?

A virtual briefing with WIRED and Thoughtworks

Virtual briefing: Will AI kill the app?


Generative AI has upended our understanding of what AI can do. Will it change how we use computers altogether?


Catch the briefing with Mike Mason, Chief AI Officer, Thoughtworks; Birgitta Böckeler, AI-First Software Delivery Lead, Thoughtworks; and WIRED Consulting’s Charlie Burton who will discuss just that.


In this 30-minute discussion, our panel will examine how generative AI is changing software development. Its flair for writing code is already transforming how software is made — but this is only the beginning. Some believe AI will spark a generational shift in how we use computers, giving us truly “smart assistants” capable of either operating other tools on our behalf, or independently performing tasks that once required purpose-built software. As a wave of startups aims to bring app-killing devices to market, we ask: Is this the future, or is it merely hype?

Meet our speakers

Headshot of Mike Mason
Mike Mason

Chief AI Officer, Thoughtworks


Mike is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge tech for business solutions. He spearheads generative AI adoption internally and for clients, driving business transformation. He also contributes to Thoughtworks’ Technology Radar and Looking Glass publications, and co-authored the Digital Transformation Game Plan.

Headshot of Birgitta Böckeler
Birgitta Böckeler

AI-First Software Delivery Lead, Thoughtworks


Birgitta is a software developer, architect, and technical leader who is passionate about helping teams and organizations break down complexity and find new perspectives for looking at their systems.


Headshot of Charlie Burton
Charlie Burton

Head of Editorial Content at WIRED


Charlie is Head of Editorial Content at WIRED Consulting, a division of WIRED that helps businesses understand emerging trends, navigate the path ahead and build a sustainable future.


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