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Retail Agility in the News

Success for retailers in the next few years is going to be defined by retail agility…the ability to take advantage of the explosion of new markets, channels, products, and customer segments. Successful retailers are the ones that are focusing their IT spend on customer-facing initiatives. Differentiation is no longer happening from investment in back-end systems. A strong customer-facing strategy is now an imperative for retail market leadership.

Our Retail team leaders have been sharing stories of how we help retailers in their quest for agility around the globe. Here are four examples of recent thinking and related projects that appeared in Australia and India.

Online Retail's Light Speed Evolution, Business Spectator
By Keith Dodds, Director of Client Relations, Thoughtworks Asia Pacific
For at least a decade, technology in the retail sector has been evolving at a pace that businesses are hard-pressed to keep up with. But because consumer preferences are now moving just as quickly, retailers have had to adapt and become more agile. The concept of retail agility is about taking advantage of new markets, channels, products and customer segments at a speed which keeps up with fast-changing consumer habits and technology.

E-tailers Should Establish Digital Platforms to Personalize the Shopping Experience, Dataquest
In a recent interview with Dataquest, Sat Vijayaraghavan, Head of Retail in Thoughtworks India, talks about e-commerce in India versus global e-commerce, the four major technology solutions available to e-tailers, and the latest practices being adopted in the Indian e-commerce industry.

Accelerating Retail Agility: Building a Customer-centric Framework for Digital Innovation, Power Retail
By Keith Dodds, Director of Client Relations, Thoughtworks Asia Pacific
As consumers become more knowledgeable, more empowered and more mobile with their shopping habits, turning to their smartphones and tablets in place of their cars and shopping trollies, retailers have to move with speed and imagination to stay in the game. Otherwise, they risk being left behind. Australian retailers can be global players too but they have to innovate. So how do retailers combat these threats? And how can the modern Aussie retailer use technology to thrive in today’s environment?

Domino's Revamps Online Ordering, Drops Flash, IT Wire
Read about how Thoughtworks helped Domino's update its online ordering system, eliminating the need for customers to install Flash, which reduced the time it takes to place an order. Created in just six months, the new system features updated branding and can be accessed from the website and various apps.

Find out how we helped Lastminute.com create an innovation engine.

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